Center`s Library

The Center has a library which is special collection in the library of MANU and contains some 10,000 volumes, most of which were donated by Professor Božidar Vidoeski and Professor Zuzanna Topolińska, as well as donations from personal libraries of Professor Blaže Koneski and Jozef Kurc (through Zdenka Ribarova). The major part of the collection consists of rare books, which are of great importance for Macedonian language studies. Computer cataloguing of the books is one of the current occupations of associates at the Center.


Digital Archive of Macedonian language

By digitizing rare old books and manuscripts, the Center will contribute to the activities for preservation of the linguistic and cultural heritage of Macedonia.
The Digital Archive of Macedonian language is in its initial phase, i.e. in the process of collecting, categorizing and digitization of materials concerning Macedonian language, culture and tradition. Digitized books and manuscripts will be posted on the internet through a newly created web-site and will be available for free downloading and use. The aim of this digital archive is affirmation of the Macedonian language throughout the world. Prof. Marjan Markoviќ is the Coordinator of the Digital Archive of Macedonian language .


Sound Archives

The Center possesses sound archives, some 40 CDs, containing about 2,000 minutes of audio material on Macedonian dialects. These have been created in cooperation with Professor Dimitrije Bužarovski and the Institute for Research and Archiving Music (IRAM). IRAM has been digitizing the tape collection of Macedonian dialects belonging to Professor Božidar Vidoeski.


Bibliographic Section

The Bibliographic Section, managed by Professor Milica Mirkulovska, continues the work begun by Professor Božidar Vidoeski with the publication of his Contribution to the Bibliography of the Macedonian Language (1954).  Volumes covering 1954-1970 (Vol. 2); 1971-1985 (Vol.3);and 1986-2006 (Vol. 4) have already been published. This department also covers Macedonian for the Slavic Bibliographypublished in Poland and for the General Linguistic Bibliography published in the Netherlands.


Language Corpus

Since the beginning of 2005 the Center has been working on the formation of a Macedonian language corpus. Moreover, a general agreement on cooperation with other Macedonian and foreign scholars and scientists and institutions has been reached. Bearing this in mind and wishing to provide the necessary data-bases for Macedonian linguistic projects and for experts interested in the field of the Macedonian language, it is more than necessary to create an electronic corpus of the Macedonian language within the framework of a broader project. With the activities already undertaken the Center is becoming a reference center in the process of realizing this idea of creating a Macedonian electronic corpus.