проф. д-р Марјан Марковиќ

Филолошки факултет "Блаже Конески"
Универзитет "Св. Кирил и Методиј"
бул. Крсте Мирисков б.б.
Скопје, Македонија


prof. Marjan Markovikj


Faculty of Philology "Blaže Koneski"

University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius"

bul."Krste Misirkov" b.b.

Skopje, Macedonia


phone: +(389 2) 3240-400 (work); +(389) 71 541-891 (mobile)


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University of Skopje - "Ss. Cyril and Methodius"
Department of Macedonian and South Slavic Languages
        B.A.  1991  Macedonian Language, Polish Language and Literature

        M.A. 1995Linguistics (Dialectology)

Master’s thesis: "Macedonian and Aromanian  Verbal Systems in the Dialects of the Ohrid-Struga Region" (mentor – akad. Bozhidar Vidoeski)

        Ph.D. 2000  Linguistics (Balkan Linguistics / Dialectology)

Dissertation:  "The speech of Farsherote Aromanians from the Ohrid - Struga Region in their Balkan context" (mentor – akad. Victor A. Friedman)


Employment History

        Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts

1991 - 1995  Research Fellow for Scientific Projects:  Slavic Linguistic Atlas Carpathian Dialectological Atlas Atlas LinguArom Europae

1995 - 2000 Linguistic Researcher for same projects

    Senior Linguistic Researcher, Center for Areal Linguistics

2004-      Deputy Director, Center for Areal Linguistics


University of Skopje - "Ss. Cyril and Methodius",

Faculty of Philology "Blaže Koneski", Department of Macedonian Language and South Slavic Languages
1995-2000Instructor, Macedonian dialectology, modern Macedonian

2001-   Assistant Professor,Macedonian dialectology

2003/2004Vice-dean for academic affairs, Faculty of Philology

2006-   Associate Professor,Macedonian dialectology; Modern Macedonian, Balkan linguistics

2008-2009 Vice-dean for international cooperation, Faculty of Philology

2011-Professor, Macedonian dialectology; Modern Macedonian, Balkan linguistics


Southeast European University, Tetovo

2001- Professor (part- time), Macedonian Language and Studies

2001- 2010 Member of the University Senate


Fluency in: English, Polish, Aromanian, Serbian/Croatian  

Proficiency in:  Albanian, German, Russian, Romanian
Reading knowledge:  Sorbian (Lusatian), Slovene, Bulgarian, Czech


Grants for Language Summer Schools and Conferences
1988 University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
1992 Silesian University, Katowice, Poland
1996 University of  Chicago, USA

1998 Sorbishes Institut, Bautzen, Germany
2001 University of Leiden, Netherlands
2002 Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zadar, Croatia
2004 Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
2005; 2008; 2009 Polish Academy of Science, Krakow, Poland
2011 Russian Academy of Science (RAN), Moscow, Russia

Professional Activities
1992- Attended over 50 linguistic conferences and  over 60 published articles

1992- Member of Subcommittee of Macedonian National Affiliate of the Common Slavic Linguistic Atlas (CSLA)

1995 - Member, Subcommittee for Reconstructive Transcription, CSLA

1998- Member, Macedonian Applied Linguistic Association

2000- Member, Subcommittee for Computerizing Cartographic Materials, CSLA

2000- Member, International Commission of the CSLA under the auspices of the International Committee of Slavists

2003- President of Macedonian National Affiliate of the Common Slavic Linguistic Atlas (CSLA)

2005- Member, International editorial Board, Atlas Linguarum Europae (ALE)

2006- President of Macedonian National Affiliate of the Atlas Linguarum Europae (ALE)

2009- Member, International Commission of  Balkanology

Edited Volumes:

1998-2000  Co-editor, The Dialects of the Macedonian Language, 3 volumes, 365 pp., 250 pp., 263 pp., Skopje: MANU Press; responsible for graphic realization of more than 150 linguistic maps

2000     Co-editor,  MAP 2000: Macedonian Media Audience Research University of Skopje "St. Cyril and Methodius".  288 pp.

2001     Editor/Author, Dialectology of Macedonian language I, 235 pp. Faculty of Philology , Skopje

2003 Author, Overview of the Macedonian dialects (with audio recordings of the dialectological texts), CD-ROM, MANU, Skopje

2003 Co-author, Macedonian language and literature, Textbook for III year of high education, 294 pp. Kultura-Skopje

2004 Co-author, Macedonian language and literature, Textbook for IV year of high education, 300 pp. Kultura-Skopje

2007   Editor, Dialectology of Macedonian language II, 247 pp. Faculty of Philology , Skopje

2007  Author,  Aromanian and Macedonian Dialects of the Ohrid-Struga Region (in Balkan context), MANU, Skopje

2008     Editor/Author, Dialectology of Macedonian language I (Overview of the Macedonian dialects), 235 pp. (second edition) Faculty of Philology, Skopje

2008 Author,  Digital Archive of the Macedonian Language (


Other activities:

MediaLab-ISPPI, Ss Cyril and Methodius University – Skopje,

and European Commission of the EU

 1999-2000 Assistant of the Project "Macedonian Media Audience Research" and field coordinator of the same project.

 CARDS project funded by the European Union

British council in cooperation with European Agency for Reconstruction;

Training for category II civil servants (translators and minority groups)

2005 - 2006  Local expert for Curriculum design


Evolution of Semantic Systems – EOSS,

Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, The Netherlands,

2011 - 2012 Project leader (Macedonia) and member of the International consortium